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Mama Spotlight - Katy

The first of my blog series entitled 'Mama Spotlight', I will be interviewing one of my Mama's per week and sharing their progress pics along with their thoughts and experience of their journey.

Introducing the first of many Katy, who has been doing my Fit Mummy and Baby Bootcamp for 12 weeks now.Both her physical and mental progress is phenomenal-just see for yourself in her progress pics below!

Why did you sign up to the Fit Mummy and Baby Bootcamp? 

Katy: 3 months ago, a friend of mine joined the bootcamp and encouraged me to join. I was hesitant at first, as I hadn’t exercised in LONG time (since long before I had my son).

I had spent the last 7 months on the sofa, eating and eating. And then lockdown came along so I was spending even more time stuck inside. I thought I’d give it a go and see if I could make a change. My friend also kept bugging me, so I figured it would keep her quiet for a while! 

Left :Week 1 Right: Week 12

Where were you hoping to achieve when you joined The Fit Mummy and Baby Bootcamp? 

Katy: I honestly didn’t have big aspirations for what I wanted to achieve. I wasn’t someone who wanted to fit back in my pregnancy clothes or lose X amount of weight.

I simply wanted to be able to move better,

pick up my son more easily, sit on the floor and play with him without feeling stiff and to feel better in my body and my mind.

Left:Week 1 Right: Week 12

I am generally a positive person, but knew that I was pushing aside my negative feelings about my body. I was pretending that I felt fine, but really I knew I could be more confident and happy in myself. I was okay how I was, but I knew that wasn’t enough.

Why do you enjoy about the Fit Mummy and Baby Bootcamp? 

Katy:I love the classes mainly because they have opened the door to a new lifestyle for me. I have never been one to love exercise, but I genuinely look forward to my classes now. Carly is relaxed, encouraging, knowledgable and so fun to work with. She puts no pressure on the mamas to ‘fit in’, achieve what someone else achieves or look a certain way. Everything is at our own pace, ability and confidence level. I love the variety of movements (especially the weighty ones!) and learning what my body can do.

The classes fit easily into my routine and are accessible as a recording should my routine change for the day. It’s lovely to chat with the other mums, seek advice (about anything!) and simply know that we’re all in this together. It’s a wonderful community and is a great way to meet others.

As a mother I spend my entire life putting someone else's needs first. So it’s had a huge mental impact on me to do this for myself. Whether my son is climbing on me, napping next door or is at his Nana's, it is a bit of me time, which we deserve as mums with our hugely hectic and busy lives.

How do you feel since joining the Fit Mummy and Baby Bootcamp? 

Katy: I feel like a different person. The scales haven’t changed much (if at all) but I don’t look at them. I don’t even really look at my progress pictures. I feel better and that is how I know something is working. I am more flexible, I can pick toys up off the floor without moaning and most importantly, I have more energy and feel happier! I am more confident in my body and what it can do. It made a tiny human and I am so proud of it.

What do you believe you have achieved since joining the Fit Mummy and Baby Bootcamp?

Katy:I was never looking for a quick fix, and this bootcamp isn’t that. Carly doesn’t promote instant change, and huge weight loss. What the bootcamp promotes is a new lifestyle. One that focuses on positive physical and mental health. Whatever that means for each individual mum. And that’s certainly what I have achieved in the 3 months I’ve been doing it. 

I am beyond grateful for hard work that Carly puts in and the dedication she shows to her work.

When I go back to work, I might not be able to continue the bootcamps, but I’ve started a journey that won’t be ending when the bootcamp ends. I need exercise in my life and I love what Carly has helped to spark in me. My journey is just beginning and it’s already made a huge impact on my life.  

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