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Mama Spotlight - Laura

Introducing Laura, who has been doing my Fit Mummy and Baby Bootcamp for 8 weeks now. I am so proud of how far she has come from week 1 to week 8 and her determination to continue working on herself both mentally and physically is amazing - See her physical transformation below!

Why did you sign up to the Fit Mummy and Baby Bootcamp? 

Laura: I happened across your Instagram page (@TheFitMummytoTheo) and saw some of the results women had seen in 4 weeks. I was very impressed and encouraged to take that step for myself. Pre baby number 2 I was at my best physically, I had been a regular at the gym for the first time in my life (wedding work outs) and was feeling really happy and comfortable with my body. During pregnancy I suffered pelvic girdle pain and trapped nerves so exercise had come to a halt. New baby coupled with lockdown did not make for a mummy comfortable in her body (despite running around after a newborn and toddler) and I was lacking in energy and motivation.I tried Zoom post natal pilates prior to starting the bootcamps, however an hour long class with a 3 month old and a 3 year old was just impossible and then by the time everyone was down at night and Mummy chores over I lacked energy and motivation to complete the class.

What were you hoping to achieve when you joined The Fit Mummy and Baby Bootcamp? 

Laura: I was looking to lose some weight, feel fitter, stronger and give myself a boost.

What do you enjoy about the Fit Mummy and Baby Bootcamp? 

Laura: There's great community feel amongst the mummies signed up even though we have never met in person. They say it takes a village and this group of women really lift each other up and support one another on the low days.

How do you feel since joining the Fit Mummy and Baby Bootcamp? 

Laura: I feel great! It’s 40 minutes a day that I have for myself. I have managed to work my routine around it and tend to do the live class as much as possible (the live feedback is the biggest motivator) whilst my baby naps (sometimes my toddler joins in with a costume on but we all just go with it)! I’m feeling stronger, fitter and definitely have more energy which is essential as a busy mummy of 2!

What do you believe you have achieved since joining the Fit Mummy and Baby Bootcamp?

Laura:I have seen a change in my shape and all my common problem areas are smaller and continuing to shape up now. I feel far more comfortable in my clothes and my biggest achievement- fitting my pre pregnancy jeans!!

The Bootcamps have been fantastic during lockdown. For me, this started because I couldn’t get to the gym but I will be continuing with the bootcamps as Carly gives me the motivation I need, the timing works for busy mum life and why stop when I am seeing such results?! It’s basically PT at a fraction of the cost and joining a network of like-minded mummies who still understand the need for Gin and chocolate but are prepared to work for it!!

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