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My Top 5 Teething Tips

When you become a mum, one of things that you are never quite prepared for is the joys of your baby teething! These times can be testing and it’s not nice to see your baby in discomfort. Whilst it is just a phase, it can be a tough and testing time, so I have decided to compile a list of my top 5 teething tips to help you. I would love to hear if you have any more!

  1. I keep a number of teething toys in my bag and in each room of the house so I know that if Theo’s gums start to bother him, then I have something at hand that distracts him from the pain and that he can gnaw on. Keep a couple of teethers in the fridge, as the cold on the gums will really help to soothe sore gums.

  2. Theo has been wearing an amber anklet since we first noticed that his gums were bothering him. Whilst it doesn’t totally help with all symptoms of teething, it does seem to help to reduce the pain and the dribbling (we had a week where we misplaced it and it was mainly then that I noticed that the anklet must work!).

  3. We have been using Teetha teething granules when Theo's gums are really aggravating him and have found that they give him some instant relief. They are SO easy to use and have been a bit of a life saver recently. I make sure that we have sachets in my changing bag, in his nursery and in the changing caddy downstairs to ensure that they are always at hand. They really help to calm him down.

  4. If your baby is of an age where they are weaning, we have found that giving Theo sticks of cucumber to chew on have been helpful at soothing the pain of sore gums. The coldness and texture really seems to helps and it distracts him for a while!

  5. Cuddles! Expect your baby to be clingier and needier than normal, but embrace every single snuggle, they need it right now and when they no longer what to cuddle you it’s moments like this you will miss! Remember, it is JUST A PHASE and it will pass.


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