Why exercise after having a baby?

Sometimes when we start having babies, we can neglect our own needs.

Post-natal exercise not only helps the body physically but also mentally and makes us feel more positive towards our postpartum body.

Finding time to exercise can be a challenge with a baby or children and that's why I created The Fit Mummy Bootcamps.


Since becoming a mother in 2019, I can't stress enough how important it is to do something for you that makes you feel good- for me that's exercise!


When you have a carry and birth a baby your body goes through the most incredible experience in the world, so learning to look after it, moving it, and respecting is key.


My Fit Mummy Bootcamps in action and results



Feel more confident in your Postpartum body and workout with your children or in your own time
Type of exercise: HITT and strength-based training
5 x  30 min workouts available per week
Suitable for all fitness levels
Equipment required: Dumbells or Kettlebells
PLEASE NOTE: YOU must be cleared by GP to exercise and I personally recommend seeing a women's physio


Per month