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Why exercise during pregnancy?

I want to help you have more energy, feel fit, strong, and healthy during one of the most incredible journeys the female body goes through with The Fit Mummy and Bump Bootcamp!

The physical and mental effects of exercising during pregnancy is so important! When I was pregnant with Theo, exercise not only made me feel good but strong enough to take on the realities of going into labor and giving birth.

Exercise can reduce the risk of pregnancy complications, such as gestational diabetes. It can also assist with having an easier labour and a faster recovery post-delivery. Exercise will boost your mood and help reduce stress and anxiety. Exercise will also lower your blood pressure, which again, will reduce the risk of preeclampsia. It can help ease back and pelvic pain and help you to reduce fatigue and improve your sleep (which let's face it, you need before baby arrives!). 


Designed for ladies in all trimesters, each exercise will be tailored to include options to suit your stage of pregnancy and ensure you feel comfortable and that you are exercising safely.



Suitable for all trimesters, feel safe, confident, and fit during your pregnancy with the Bump Bootcamp.
Type of exercise: a mixture of strength, muscular endurance, and cardio-based training
3 x 30 min workouts available per week
Equipment recommended: set of dumbbells or a kettlebell

PLEASE NOTE: Recommended you get clearance to exercise for those with a high-risk pregnancy

£27.99 Per month

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